The booth space and the immediate area around it must be kept clean during the Festival and left clean at the end of the Festival. The Festival shall have the authority to adjust booths for the visual and safety benefit of the entire Festival. The Festival has final authority over booth space issues. Exhibitors must be present at their booth during all Festival hours.


Vehicles will be allowed on-site only with the appropriate credentials and during specific hours to facilitate unloading and loading your exhibit. Full details will be sent to accepted applicants in late July or early August. Use of vehicles on the park lawn is prohibited and will result in a $150 fine.


Accepted exhibitors will be scheduled to set up on Friday, August 30th. The Festival will assign a setup schedule according to location. Details regarding the setup schedule will be sent to accepted applicants in late July or early August. Accepted exhibitors only will be allowed on-site with the appropriate credentials.


All vendors are required to tear down on Monday, September 2nd. Vehicles will be allowed On-site only with the appropriate credentials to load out. All vendors must be completed with load out and be off site by Midnight. A $150 late fee will be assessed to any vendor who is still on site after Midnight. The Festival is required to have the streets cleared and cleaned by morning rush hour and because of this, there is no flexibility in our tear down schedule.


The exhibitor retains proceeds from sales. However, exhibitors must charge and collect city and state sales tax (7.65%) on each sale. Each exhibitor is required to obtain and have with them onsite the necessary City and County of Denver, and State of Colorado sales tax identification number and license. The Festival cooperates fully with the City and State tax authorities.


Because of space restrictions, we are unable to provide exhibitor parking on the Festival site. However, parking is available at numerous parking lots adjacent to the Festival. We will forward any participant special parking rate information to accepted vendors when it becomes available.


A Taste of Colorado has permission to use the exhibitor and/or product name of accepted vendors and to describe their work and/or products in advertising and for the purpose of promoting the Festival.